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Development with passion


This is the place where I will write about interesting topics about programming and technology, as well as updates about my current projects

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Linux node.js Svelte

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Screenshot of deployed website

Italian Transport Company

For a good representation, a company should maintain nice-looking and accessible online presentation. Website performance, its appearance and information accessibility grant users the opportunity to opt for the best services offered easier and more efficiently. Me and my clients are perfectly aware of that, so that's why we strive to accomplish that together. A good example of this kind of cooperation is the website for the transportation company we worked on.

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Screenshot of in progress game of Tablić


Tablić is a very popular game in the Balkans. Many people, like my grandfather, enjoy this game, but I was not able to find a digital version of it that worked properly. That’s why I turned this famous game digital with the intention of surprising my grandfather. This game is not as simple as it seems, which explains why I couldn’t find it anywhere.

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Screenshot of this website


The best way to represent one's work is to practically demonstrate it. I made this project in order to show some of my knowledge and try some different techniques which I could apply to some of the professional projects that I intend to work on in the future. Some of the important goals I wanted to accomplish are unique design, accessibility and a minimal amount of client-side JavaScript code.

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Screenshot of a hackathon project

Hackathon projects

Coding hackathons are an excellent opportunity to practically apply knowledge, ability to work under pressure and communication with team members so as to accomplish goals as efficiently as possible within the shortest time period feasible. Our organization and a great team that we assembled for these working conditions allowed us to show our potential in the best light and win amazing prizes, worthy experience and form new connections with great people with similar passion.

3327 HackathonCelsius Hackathon

Petar Radojević

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Development with passion

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About me

I started coding when I was a kid. The fact that I managed to make something on my computer by myself made me really happy so I started doing that more and more each day. Even though I had been working with many different fields and technologies, I spent most time developing for web. During my web-programming career, I saw many examples of good websites and just as many examples of ones that are not so nice, which helped me learn how to differentiate them. I do my best to make my websites work efficiently and look as pretty and neat as possible. In the end, If I were the website user, I would want to get the best experience out of it. Although I already possess a great amount of practical knowledge, I continue to learn new and useful techniques so that I can keep improving at what I love. Beside my effort to continue developing myself, I also do my best to help other people with similar goals.